The Low Carbon Partnership

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Milverton Community Primary School

“Our pupils are little people, but they have a great sense of justice. If we get the right information to them now it will mean they will take that with them in the future and make the world a better place.”

Paul Bish,


Implementation & use

Management TLCP / Milverton Primary / Somerset County Council
Installation Dulas Ltd
Timescale 4 day install during summer holidays

Production of 20% electricity demand; Eco Schools status; use in National Curriculum; reduce carbon footprint and energy consumption

Technical specification

Technology 15x Kyocera KC-175 solar PV array
Inverter 1 Sunny Boy SMA
Peak Power 3.2kWp
Mounting system Unirac 'sunmount' roof mounting structure
Display Energy generation display in school reception


In 2006 Milverton Primary School applied for the highest Eco Schools & Colleges status and investigated ways to save energy.

Funding for the 3.2kW solar PV array was secured with the help of the Low Carbon Buildings: Phase 2 grants.


The story

The solar PV installation took place outside of term in just 4 days. The system incorporates electrosave data logging making it possible to see in real time how much energy is being consumed – by lights and computers, etc. – and how much is being generated.

Each week pupils in the Year 5 “Energy Class” log how much clean electricity their solar roof generates by reading the electronic display in the school reception. Back in the classroom they learn how renewable energy is making a difference to
their school, their community and their world.

The children are now keen “eco warriors” taking what they have seen and learnt to make even more energy savings at home.

"The project shows the children that even the smallest action can have a very big effect, even to the extent of people in other countries that are less well off."

Rob Harris, TLCP and Dulas installation engineer

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