The Low Carbon Partnership

Hospitals & NHS

“With the help of the government grant and The Low Carbon Buildings Partnership (TLCP) team, we’ve done our bit for the environment and the future of the planet – something our patients are very passionate about.”

Chris Head, Director, Penny Brohn Cancer Care Centre

Penny Brohn Cancer Care Centre
PV System

4.68kWp solar PV system
36x Kyocera KC130 modules
50% Phase 2 funding


Bronllys Hospital, Powys
PV System

485 Kyocera KC125-2 modules
8 Fronius IG60, 4 Fronius IG15, 2 Fronius IG30, 1 Fronius IG40


Lewisham Hospital

72x Kyocera KC190
3x Fronius Inverters
Flat roof mounting system


Not sure you qualify for grant assistance? Refer to the Low Carbon Buildings: Phase 2 website for information on eligibility for 'State Aid' funding.

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