The Low Carbon Partnership

Councils and Local Authorities projects

"We support the installation of renewable energy as an educational resource, to reduce energy costs and as a demonstration project seen by a wide section of the community."

Martin Pacey, Sustainable Development Officer, Somerset County Council

Kerrier District Council
PV System

10.14kWp solar PV system
78 Kyocera KC130 modules
50% funding under LCBP


London Transport Museum
PV System

PV800 PV tiles
BP Solar modules
System size: 51.5kWp


Blackpool Promenade
Wind System

Proven 15kWp Turbines
30kWp system size
Sundog Energy installation


Not sure you qualify for grant assistance? Refer to the Low Carbon Buildings: Phase 2 website for information on eligibility for 'State Aid' funding.

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