The Low Carbon Partnership

Witham St Hughes Primary School


Implementation & use

Management: TLCP, Witham St Hughes Primary School
Installation: Rayotec

Technical specification

Technology Solar Thermal Vaccum tubes
Storage 1000 litre storage
Mounting system A- frame on a metal sloping roof


The story

Witham St Hughes Primary School is a primary school for boys and girls based in Swindley, Lancashire. The age range of the pupils is 4-11 years.

The school wanted to reduce their running costs and CO2 emissions using a renewable energy source. The system chosen was also going to be used as a teaching aid for the children.

The school decided to install solar thermal as it was cost-effective with worthwhile financial and carbon savings.

The Rayotec system was chosen due to its robustness, durability and performance. The roof had a shallow south facing roof so an "A" frame was needed to orient the panels south at the optimum angle of 30-40 degrees. As the school was going to be unoccupied for prolonged periods of time during the school holidays a "heat dump bypass" was installed. The heat dump diverts the heat away from the
cylinder to the radiator when the cylinder reaches its maximum temperature protecting the system from overheating.

A large display unit was put in the canteen so that the children could see the temperature in the panel, cylinder and the kWh saved by the system.

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