The Low Carbon Partnership

Selbourne Square and Lindley Road


Implementation & use

Management Guinness Trust, TLCP
Installation Rayotec

Technical specification

Technology 15 x 2m of Vacuum
Solar Collectors
Cylinder 17x 170 litres unvented twin coil
Mounting system Sloping roof metal frame


The story

The Guiness Trust Group has been providing good quality, affordable homes for over 100 years. Currently the Group provides accommodation for more than 60 000 people in over 25 000 homes across the country. It is one of the largest housing associations
in England.

The Guiness Trust decided to utilize solar heating due to its low initial capital costs ease of installation, minimal maintenance and high levels of CO2 savings.
Efficient vaccum solar collectors were chosen because they were compact, attractive and had high level performance even on cold winter days! Each apartment or house had a solar system on its roof, connected to a twin coil solar cylinder.

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