The Low Carbon Partnership

Penny Brohn Cancer Care Centre

"Dulas have been great to work in partnership with during this project and we look forward to being more energy efficient in the future thanks to them"

Chris Head
Chief Executive, Penny Brohn

Implementation & use

Management TLCP/ Penny Brohn Care Centre
Installation Dulas Ltd
Timescale 3 days plus civils which were included in the main site building work

To add visible renewable energy to a cancer care unit to enhance the environment for the patients, staff and visitors

Technical specification

Technology 36x Kyocera KC130 PV array
Inverter 1x Fronius IG30 1x Fronius IG15
Peak Power 4.68kWp
Mounting system Combined pole mount and above roof
CO2 Saving 2035kg per year


The story

The PV system at the Penny Brohn Cancer Centre was designed with visibility and profile in mind. The roof mounted array was originally planned to be mounted on a roof over the inner courtyard. On our engineers' visit this was found to be unsuitable for mounting the panels so the alternative location above the front entrance was identified. The pole mounted array was sited in the carpark where there is a clear statement about embracing renewable technologies without interfering with the core business of the Centre.

The panels are expected to generate approximately 3510kWh of energy per year (the average household electricity consumption in the UK is around 4000kWh per year). This will reduce the hospital's carbon emissions by 2035kg of CO2 per year. The energy produced will be enough to run all the computers at Penny Brohn for a whole year.

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