The Low Carbon Partnership

Kirklees Neighbourhood Housing

"Another successful project contributing to Kirklees Neighbourhood Housing's growing portfolio of renewable installations"

Adrian Owen
Energy Officer, KNH

Implementation & use

Management: TLCP, Kirklee Neighbourhood Housing Trust
Installation: Photon Energy

Technical specification

Technology 8x Sharp PV modules type ND 162E1 per property
Inverter 1 SMA Sunny Boy
Peak Power 38.88kWp (1.296kWp per property)
CO2 Saving 18 tonnes of CO2 per year


The story

The PV modules were retrofitted on the roofs of 30 properties, comprising a combination of bungalows and flats. Each system is connected to an individual dwelling, and benefits the tenants directly by reducing their electricity bill. The installation was carried out by Photon Energy, The Low Carbon Partnership's partner.

The scheme is expected to generate around 31,000kWh of electricity per year, which equates to saving 18 tonnes of CO2 per year. The client, Kirklees Neighbourhood Housing Trust (KNH), is an Arms-Length Management Organisation of Kirklees Metropolitan Council. KNH has been proactive in the deployment of various renewable energy technologies for some time, with renewable energy systems installed at well over 300 of their properties. The new PV scheme follows on from an earlier project, under which 100 similar PV systems were installed on adjacent properties by the same team.

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