The Low Carbon Partnership

Bronllys Hospital, Powys


Implementation & use

Management Powys Local Health Board
Installation Dulas Ltd

1. To contribute to Powys, UK and National CO2 reduction targets by replacing fossil fuels with renewables
2. To highlight the project, and familiarise the public with the technology
3. To encourage energy efficiency through the hospital

Technical specification

Technology 485 Kyocera KC125-2 modules
Inverter 8 Fronius IG60, 4 Fronius IG15, 2 Fronius IG30, 1 Fronius IG40


The story

The construction phase took three months throughout winter 2004/2005.

The installation has raised awareness of energy conservation issues amongst the staff and other hospital users. Many other Health Trusts have expressed an interest in the project and are now considering similar installations.

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