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Costs and Maintenance

There is no flat rate for a wind turbine system.

Capital costs vary according to the scale of system and type of turbine, which is determined by your electricity demand, the nature of your building and location of your potential wind turbine site.

Mast mounted turbines are generally more cost effective than building mounted, but these might not be most suitable for your site. Varying sizes of wind turbine, tower and mounting system are available with costs to match accordingly.

In addition to wind turbine type and size, there is also the cost of accompanying system components and peripherals – that is, the 'balance of system' (BoS) cost. The BoS includes inverter, electronic display(s), mounting system, switches, cables, charge regulators, meters and connection to the Grid (or batteries for off-grid systems).

There is also the cost of installation work.

As a rough guide, full system costs start in the region of £12,000 (inclusive of installation); costs for larger systems, such as those installed for schools, commonly start from around £20,000. As with other types of renewable energy systems, savings can be made if construction or engineering work is already underway at your site.

Maintenance and repair is another cost to factor. Turbines can last up to 20 years but regular service checks are recommended. Battery storage used in off-grid systems usually requires replacement every 6-10 years.

TLCP will advise you of a suitable size and type of wind turbine system and provide a fully inclusive quote when you apply now.

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