The Low Carbon Partnership

Choosing your technology

Choose a solar photovoltaic (PV), wind turbine (WIND) or solar thermal (ST) system with help from TLCP and financial assistance from Low Carbon Buildings: Phase 2.

A single system can incorporate up to three renewable energy technologies.

generates electricity using solar energy tick powers lights, computers, appliances, etc.
generates electricity using the wind energy tick powers lights, computers, appliances, etc.
creates heat using solar energy tick ‘collectors’ harness heat energy for hot water
works in direct and diffuse sunlight tick n/a tick is a viable technology for the UK
works best in consistent wind supply n/a tick n/a average wind resource of 6m/s or more is required
can be affected by shade or obstructions tick tick tick PV / ST suffers reduced energy gain in shade

for best results with WIND avoid tall trees, buildings, etc.
can be roof mounted tick tick tick PV / ST is commonly roof mounted

wind turbines can be mounted on buildings in some circumstances
can be building integrated tick many BIPV products are available eg PV glazing, PV tiles, PV cladding
can be free standing tick tick tick a variety of mounting and pitches are possible for PV / WIND / ST
works well at south facing sites tick n/a tick maximises energy gain from the sun at southerly orientation
reduces fuel bills tick tick tick PV / WIND reduces electricity purchased from energy provider

ST reduces quantity of gas or electricity purchased from energy provider
connects to grid for consistent supply and electricity export tick tick excess energy generated can export to grid at agreed tariff
connects to existing and new
hot water systems
tick simple plumbing principles apply for ST
is completely carbon-free tick tick no fossil fuels required to run
does not require a lot of maintenance tick tick tick PV / ST is very low-maintenance

regular maintenance is required for windturbines
are safe even in high winds tick tick tick safety mechanisms are incorporated in WIND turbines

PV / ST include quality mounting systems

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