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PV Tiles

PV800 Redland

PV tiles are a type of Building Intergrated PV (BIPV). They can be used to directly replace standard roof tiles.

BIPV like solar tiles are usually more expensive than modules but can be very cost effective where they are used to replace other building materials.

PV Panels

PV modules Kyocera

Most PV systems are formed of an array of PV modules. These modules comprise of a series of interconnected PV cells, laminated between glass and a back-sheet and held within a rigid aluminium frame.

PV modules are usually the most cost effective solution and can be combined to form an array of the correct size for your building and electricity demand.

PV Glazing

Sundog PV Glazing

PV glazing can be used to replace conventional building materials, for example the glass roof of a conservatory.

PV glazing functions to provide shelter, shading and electricity in one material.

Like glazing, solar cladding can also be used in the place of other materials and can be made bespoke in order to fit the features of your site and electricity demand.

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