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Polycrystalline PV cells

PolyCrystaline PV

Polycrystalline PV cells are manufactured from multicrystalline silicon. They are easier and cheaper to make, but efficiency is reduced to around 14%.

This type of PV is sometimes called ‘multi-crystalline’ or ‘semi-crystalline’.

Monocrystalline PV cells

Monocrystaline PV Cell

Most solar PV cells are manufactured using silicon. High efficiencies of 17% are possible using very pure monocrystalline silicon but prices can be high.

A lower grade of silicon – ‘solar grade’ – which is less pure and less costly is often used with little reduction in efficiency

Thin film PV cells

Thin Film Cell

Developments of thin film silicon – 'amorphous silicon' (a-Si) – mean it is now possible to produce both rigid and flexible a-Si PV modules. Manufacturing is cheaper and less energy intensive but efficiencies are generally lower and can degrade rapidly.

Non-silicon thin film PV products often do better, achieving more stable efficiencies of over 10%.

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