The Low Carbon Partnership

Converting the renewable solar energy

Solar energy is converted into electricity and fed into the national grid. Efficient, reliable, high power inverters form the heart of any PV system. Inverters convert direct current (DC) electrcity created by the photovoltacs in alternating current (AC) electrcity which is used in our buildings. Unless there is no access to the national grid most PV systems do not use batteries.

Model IG 15/20/30
PV Power 1300 - 3600 Wp 
Manufacturers datasheet
Model IG 40/60
PV Power 23500 - 6700 Wp 
Manufacturers datasheet

Model Central Inverters
Type IG300/400/500
PV Power 24 - 52 kWp
Manufacturers datasheet
Model SMA 1100
PV Power 1210 Wp
Manufacturers datasheet

Model SMA 2500/3000
PV Power 2700/3200 Wp
Manufacturers datasheet
Model SMC 5000/6000
PV Power 5750/6300 Wp
Manufacturers datasheet

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