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Selling Electricity back to the grid

A TLCP PV system will incorporate a generation meter as standard, which means you can get paid for the energy you generate.

The amount of revenue from your PV system generation depends on the type of tariff offered by your electricity supplier. In some cases the supplier pays for each unit of energy generated, with reference to the generation meter. In other cases, the supplier may require the installation of an additional export meter, which means you only get paid for any excess energy you produce. 

The range of tariffs on offer means you may receive anything between 5p to 18p per kWh (unit of electricity) from your provider. However, it is always more cost-effective, and system efficient, to use the electricity you generate on-site. For information on the latest 'green-tariff' providers, please refer to a recent report at

Renewable Obligation Certificates (ROCs)

When your solar PV system is installed and running you become a renewable energy electricity generator. As such, for every 1MWh (1000kWh) of electricity your system produces, you will be entitled to one Renewable Obligation Certificate (ROC).

As a guide, if you installed a 1kWp (kilowatt-peak) solar PV system at an optimum location (south-facing, free from shade, etc.) you could produce 750kWh of electricity per year. The ROCs system rounds up and so this would earn you one ROC.

From April 2009, changes to ROCs will come into force making it more favourable to microgeneration: one ROC will be earned for every 500kWh of generation; so, a system creating around 1MWh of electricity as above will in fact earn two ROCs.

ROCs are valid regardless of whether you use the electricity yourself or sell it back via the Grid.  They are typically worth around 3-4p per kWh unit and can be traded every year with other renewable energy generators.

Install a small scale renewable energy system with TLCP now to benefit from ROCs and increasing incentives for microgeneration.

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