The Low Carbon Partnership

Costs and Maintenance

There is no flat rate for a solar thermal system.

Capital costs vary according to the scale of system and this is determined by your hot water demand and the nature of your building and install site. Solar thermal is a very versatile technology permitting flexible specifications and systems made to almost any size, with prices to match accordingly.

The balance of system (BoS) costs include hot water stores, piping and plumbing peripherals, pumping stations, temperature sensors and thermostats, electronic display, data logging controllers and mounting system, plus the cost of installation.

As a rough guide, the smallest systems typical to multiple housing schemes start from £2,500 (inclusive of installation); costs for larger systems, such as those installed for schools, commonly start from around £7,000.

Solar thermal systems have an assumed lifetime of 20 years in the Low Carbon Buildings: Phase 2 grant scheme and generally come with a 10-year warranty.
Very little maintenance is required and a check by a professional installer every
3-5 years is usually sufficient.

TLCP will advise you of a suitable size and type of solar thermal system and provide a fully inclusive quote when you apply now.

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