The Low Carbon Partnership

Wind Site Evaluation Form

The Low Carbon Partnership (TLCP) comprises of two companies and two associate partners with an established track record of providing many hundreds of renewable energy systems. The information requested in this form will enable our highly experienced design teams to make initial recommendations for the best wind system for your application.

Name & (job title):


Nature of Site: eg: architects, M&E consultant, etc

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Site Address:

Nature of Site: eg: school, library, etc

Scheme Type

Scheme sizing. Please indicate below the wind turbine(s) you are interested in.

Iskra 5KW – 5.4m diameter rotor (12m tower).
Proven 2.5kW turbine – 3.5m diameter rotor (6.5m or 11m tower).
Proven 6kW turbine – 5.5m diameter rotor (9m or 15m tower).
Proven 15kW turbine – 9m diameter rotor (15m tower)


Please select below the diagram which best describes the proposed turbine site. NB sites are shown in a decreasing order of suitability / effectiveness.

diagrams and positions for turnbines

1. Hill top site (no obstructions)

2. Significantly taller than obstacles

3. Far away from obstacles

4. Local obstacles

5. Building mounted (well above)

6. Building mounted (just above)

Please attach drawings (where available) or photographs of your site and the proposed location of the wind turbine, plant room etc. The size and relative location of obstructions to the wind should also be marked (eg trees, hedges, neighbouring buildings etc). Where site plans are not available, please provide a sketch to accompany the photographs - showing key dimensions.

Building orientation / south arrow is shown on the drawing:

key dimensions are shown on the drawing:

Key obstructions (eg trees) are shown on the drawing:

Estimated cable length from turbine to electrical distribution board:

A spare fuse-way is available in this distribution board: