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If you would like to apply for a government grant but you're not sure which system to choose or you're not able to fill in a site evaluation form, contact us for advice.

Get an estimate

When you know which system (PV, wind and/or solar thermal) you would like, send us your site evaluation forms and a TLCP engineer will send you an estimate of costs.

Solar PV site evaluation form >

Wind Turbine site evaluation form >

Solar Thermal site evaluation form >

You will need TLCP's estimate to apply online directly with Low Carbon Buildings: Phase 2 for your government grant.

Checklist for applying

1. check you are eligible for funding tick
2. choose which system to install (max. 3) tick
3. fill out and send your site evaluation forms (above) tick
4. get an estimate from a TLCP engineer tick
5. use your estimate to apply for government funding online tick
6. receive your grant and seek match funding tick
7. order your system and install it with TLCP tick
8. begin to save money, energy and CO2 tick


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