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TLCP’s mission is to supply cost-effective, high quality renewable energy systems under the government’s Low Carbon Buildings: Phase 2 programme. To deliver these systems quickly and efficiently we have developed a unique system of recruiting, training and working with installers countrywide.

We want our customers to benefit from a local service as well as TLCP’s central support. We see the need to recruit a local workforce in order to provide professional renewable energy services that minimise environmental impact in as many ways as possible.

What you need to do now

Complete the online questionnaire below to be logged in our database of potential partners. We will get in touch with you when we are recruiting in your area.

1. Your name

2. Job title

3. Company name

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7. Email

8. What is the principal business of your company?

9. How many installation staff in your workforce?

10. Do your installation staff have install expertise in...

Make an enquiry

For answers to initial questions about becoming a Low Carbon Partner contact:


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